Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Our first summer harvest 2010

Today we got milky oats for milky oat tincture, 2 Ronde de Nice squashes, a peach, tomatillos, a Benning's Green Tint squash, a green tomato that I accidentally picked early, a cucumber--presumably one of the Parisian Pickling cucumbers, and an assortment of lovely beans: green Romas, curly green Sultan's Crescents, Tanya's Pink Pod, Royalty Purple Pod, Beurre de Rocquencourt, Yellow Pencil Pod, and Dragon's Tongue--yellow striped with purple. They are so beautiful. I love my garden. Where else can you get that variety?

The garden is better than ever this year. Our corn is actually higher than 2 ft, which is the highest corn I'd ever grown in Florida until now. The squash, unfortunately, was planted in some new ground that isn't very fertile yet, so it's on the edge of death at any given moment. I don't mind--we had a good squash year last year, and despite that we already have 2 round zucchini.

This year looks to be a good tomato year (I'm crossing my fingers). The whole tomato/eggplant/pepper thing just seemed to work out this year. I started them earlier, bought organic starting soil and had a gro-light. They are loaded with green tomatoes of all shapes, and we are just dying for them to start turning color.

We caught a wild rabbit!

For a couple weeks now we've been seeing a baby rabbit in the garden. One of us would startle it and it would dash and hide in the tall oats, rye and barley cover crop. Yesterday it ran straight towards Ethan and he caught it with his bare hands! So THIS rabbit isn't in the garden anymore, at least. It was so cute. I've never seen a wild baby rabbit this up close before.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New babies!!!

The babies are here! This one we called Chocolate. She looks like a little Ellie. We are so proud that Ellie had twins this time. We've been feeding her kelp and dolomite and good minerals, along with all the forage she's getting--and it made a difference! She'd only ever had one kid before.

Ethan wanted to show off that the babies were girls. We are very happy to have two more future milkers!

We let Ellie eat her afterbirth so she can get back the good things in it.

Here are the babies getting their colostrum. It is very important that they get colostrum as soon as possible after birth.

Here is how we found them--Chocolate had just been born and was still all wet.

Here is little Chocolate again. She is the friendliest.