Recipes From My Kitchen

My recipes are inspired by what is particularly abundant from the garden, orchard, pasture, or scrumping adventures.  I cook always from scratch, with only real food ingredients, healthy traditional fats, and natural sweeteners.











Real French Dressing


Cassava Stuffing

Roselle Mock Cranberry Sauce

Soaked and Fermented Cassava

Handmade Mayonnaise

New Year's Grain-free Calamondin Cake

Key Lime Pie - A Real Food Recipe

Grain-free Valentine's Day Hearts

First Kimchi

Cactus Fruit Salsa

Chevre Stuffed Peppers

Sumac Berry Lemonade

Grain-free Pumpkin Crisp

Roasted Cherry Tomatoes

Lacto-Fermented Dill Pickles

Salsa Verde

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