Gardening Through the Seasons

I love to garden.  I love the potential in every seed, even the tiniest ones.  I love watching my garden grow - flowers open, fruit develop and ultimately wither away, until the new cycle begins.  I love holding the seeds in my hands and thinking about their long linage in the hands of other long-ago human beings.

I love working in the earth, and I love the abundance that comes from earth, sun, water, air, seeds and care.  I love the way the seasons smell different.  I love the way my summer garden smells like squash plants (how to describe that smell?  Almost hairy...) and the bittersweet of tomatoes.  I love the way my winter garden has the deep earth smell of brassicas and the pungent smell of carrots, dill, parsley and cilantro.  I live in a climate where year-round gardening is possible, and I love moving through the seasons and all they offer - the cooling fruits of summer, the sweet, starchy foods of autumn and late summer, the nourishing roots and greens of winter, spring and fall.

Gardening is something I write about often - I try for weekly.  Here I have collected all of those posts, not only to share but also for my own savory remembrances of gardens past.

2015 Turnip Trial 12/31/15

A Warm Winter 12/21/15

Roselle, Eggplant and Early Cassava 10/8/15

Looking On The Bright Side  7/2/15

You Know Your Garden is Overgrown When.... 6/16/15

Resorting to Scythe 5/7/15

First Tomatillos 4/30/15

The Hay Hut 4/9/15

Kohlrabi, Kohlrabi, Kohlrabi  4/2/15

 Hello Summer!  3/26/15


Welcoming Summer 3/19/15

Beautiful Veggies 3/5/15

Planting Potatoes and Hidden Gold 2/26/15

Savoy Cabbage and Kohlrabi 2/19/15

Cauliflower, Carrots, and Onions 2/12/15 

Getting Ready for Spring 1/22/15 

Pink Radishes 1/15/2015 

 Green and Growing 12/26/14

Pumpkin and Daikon Pickles 12/11/14 

 Rabbits and a Bush Hog 12/4/14

In The Garden 11/27/14

Sweet Potatoes and Cassava 11/6/14 

Eggplant Recovered 10/30/14

Peppers and Roots 10/23/14

First Fall Harvest 10/16/14 

Growing Greens 10/3/14 

Winter Garden Begins 9/25/14 

Fall Garden 9/11/14 

Corn Harvest 8/28/14 

Garden Notes:  Getting Ready 8/21/14 

Dreaming of Fall 8/14/14 

Watermelons, Pumpkins and Peppers 8/7/14 

Butterflies and a Melon 7/13/14 

Tassles 7/24/14 

Long Beans 7/17/14 

Corn, Eggplant and Pumpkins 7/10/14 

 Lost in the Garden 7/3/14

Eggplant Sighted in Garden 6/19/14 

Snow Queen and Shiso 6/12/14

Summer Garden in June 6/5/14 

The Corn is in! 5/21/14 

First Sunflower 5/15/14 

Summer Gardening Begins 4/24/14 

Garden Update 4/10/14

Two Gardens 3/ 25/14

 Pumpkin Time!  8/8/13

Garden Update 7/18/13

Spring 3/5/13

Peppers, persimmons 10/6/12

Garden Update 7/2/12

Garden Update 5/9/12

Starting the Summer Garden 3/28/12

Some Winter Garden Musings 1/9/12

First Turnips 11/8/11

 The Old Summer Garden 11/2/11

Garden Tour 10/31/11

Fall/Winter Garden 10/21/11

Roselle 9/23/11

Dent Corn 11/11/11

Cucumbers and Melons 9/8/11

Midsummer Harvest 9/1/11

Sweet Corn 9/6/11

Summer Tomatoes 9/5/11

Cucumbers and Beans 6/26/11

Sunflowers 6/26/11

The Summer Garden Season 6/26/11

Early Summer Garden 2011 5/4/11

 Spring and Sprouts 3/9/11

Radishes 11/30/10

 Winter Garden of 2010 11/30/10

Tomatoes 6/20/10

Yard-long Beans and Sweet Corn 5/16/10

Tomatoes 6/12/10 

How our Garden Grows 6/5/10

Our First Summer Harvest 5/25/10

Summer Garden Starts 3/29/10

Easter Spread 3/29/10

Cabbages and Turkey Egg 1/6/10

Turnips 11/29/09

Tour of the Winter Garden 11/29/09

Fruits of Labor 11/11/09

Radishes 11/3/09



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