Wednesday, March 9, 2011


This is a late picture of the pigs from this year. Four of them have already been harvested, and only the four pink ones remain. I wish I had gotten the picture up sooner. The little pink pigs have really been growing quickly since the big pigs are gone. I didn't like having two different sizes/ages of pigs. I think the little ones got shorted on food too much.

Spring and Sprouts

It's already March and we're getting ready for the summer garden. These are the seeds I started back in January. This year we had switched to an out-door set up to let more light in. Ethan built a cold-frame on the south side of the house, and we ran an extension cord out for a heat lamp. It was too cold at first, but I insulated it better with another layer of plastic and nearly everything we planted grew.

As you can see by the crazy tomato rain forest on the left, the tomatoes are doing very well so far. I've had to re-pot them twice! Every time I give them more room they just get larger. I hope the warm weather is here soon, I can't wait to plant them. Some have flowers already.
I just wish I knew what I had done differently this year. It was the same seeds (a year older this time), same starting soil, same pots. The only thing that was different was the cold frame, which was excessively draughty at first.