Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Birthday Bouquet

Last week as I was looking out of the window while we were driving back from the feed store, I remarked how I couldn't believe people weren't out along the roadside gathering gorgeous armfuls of the beautiful spring flowers.  The hairy mullein is especially dramatic, sending out twisting flower spires.  Unfortunately, I think that most people respond to the wildflowers by calling the county to come mow the roadsides.

Ethan brought me this beautiful wildflower bouquet over the weekend, as an early birthday present (my birthday is on Friday).  We made some jokes about the last birthday bouquet I picked for my dad.  My parents are such nerdy nature people - they never said, "Wow, the colors are stunning," or "How unusual!  You even included a sprig of sweet peas from your garden!"

No, they didn't.  Instead all through dinner they kept up a discussion about whether the one plant was really a Lepidium or not.  I'm surprised my dad didn't get a reference book out about it!

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