Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Work in the Orchard

 I've spent a lot of time in the orchard this winter, pulling weeds from around the trees and blueberry bushes, putting down kelp and lime.  The earliest blueberries are just now putting out their first flowers, and there is even a blossom open on our beloved Snow Queen peach.  All the work has been so good for our poor, neglected orchard.  I felt like it deserved it after all the wonderful peaches and blueberries we got last year (and even a few persimmons).  It is even looking like an orchard - I mean, you can see the fruit trees among the huge dead stalks of dog fennel.

 The nectarine flowers survived even the coldest days so far.  As I was weeding them, a bee stopped by - from somewhere.  It has been nearly a year since our hive died, but it had swarmed each year, so there must be a wild hive close by.  It cheered me up, to see this little golden insect doing its good work.

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