Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Leaving Off

We put the calves back on the mamas, and skimmed the cream off the last of the milk for now.  Last batch of butter here, and we also made some ice cream with a half gallon of cream and a dozen egg yolks.  There's nothing like fresh, home-made raw butter, except maybe fresh, home made raw cream ice cream with a dozen egg yolks.

There's a little bit of packing left, and some loose ends to be tied up at the farm.  There were a lot of things that got crossed off the to-do list as we realized that we wouldn't have time, and they weren't that important, anyway.  It's hard to believe we will be on a plane tomorrow.

Mirin and I are feeling much better today, so at least it was quick.  I worry about Ethan - he's still feeling fairly fit, but that means we'll probably be somewhere over the Atlantic when it hits him.

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