Monday, July 11, 2016

Nature Finds: Infinte True Things

A wasp with it's caterpillar prey

a chrysallis on blueberries

I don't recognize this little insect - sort of a cross between a robber fly and a damselfly....but it reminds me of a fairy.

Mirin got safely back from Boy Scout camp on Saturday, taller, tanned, and repeating nerdy jokes and bad songs.  My dad had planned the whole thing, keeping the packing list top secret until the very last minute when he burst in, barking orders and was angry because they were late.  Mirin dragged his feet.  This was the first sleep-away camp, and he wasn't really ready.  My dad had signed him up without consulting us first, and when he announced the news, it was with a defensiveness I decided not to argue with.  We parted last Sunday hoping he would have a good time, and trying to convince my dad it was too late to give Mirin the stupid haircut he insisted on giving him just before they drove away.

He is back, sick and coughing, but he enjoyed himself, despite the cafeteria food and lack of sleep.  Rose is also "sick," and they are both clamouring for a day in front of the TV with My Little Pony screeching at them.

I am refusing them that, offering instead books, games, tea and rest.  It doesn't do to sit in front of a screen when you are sick - it only makes you feel worse in the long run.

I was watching the little goats playing a few days ago.  I have never had a TV, but I understand why people watch so much of it.  The truth is, our lives here, while filled with unimaginable comforts, incredible physical wealth, and convenience - are lonely.  In town I live surrounded by people, and hardly see them all day.  We make an effort, and have a fairly good social life here, but from travelling I have seen how much more social people are in other places - places where good friends drop in suddenly for company every evening - something that would be very forward here.

TV is entertaining without revealing truths,  gives you social situations without making you a part of them, allows you to be comfortable and still feel you are experiencing life.  Generally, when people hear I don't have and never have had a TV, they are shocked.  Surprised.  They suggest I am cut entirely from life and the world, because to them TV is life and the world.  It has become their Truth and Perspective entirely, and to offer up the idea of not possessing these, they think there's nothing left.

I get the same feeling watching the animals as other people do watching TV.  You get to see their social interactions - sometimes cruel, sometimes humorous, and judge on them.  Was that out of hand?  So-and-so has such an obnoxious personality!  I reflect on the people I know who also act the same way, and how, honestly, we are not so very different at all.

 In fact, we all think about mostly the same things - the little ones think about how they are growing, exploring the world, what their mama is up to, and whether or not she cares for them.  The big ones think about keeping safe, their stomachs, sex, and their status in the herd. 

And afterwards, rather than feeling fed a perspective on the world, I feel like the world has spoken to me, shown me infinite true things that I can hold on to.

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