Wednesday, October 1, 2014


One rainy evening the big kids thought it was "chilly" (it was about 75F.  We're still acclimated to 85-90F), and so Mirin built a fire in the fireplace in his pit.  He had extended the roof and made a chimney and everything, so it was very cozy, although too small for us grown-ups to fit in.
We are not feeling well this week - frustrating because I had wanted to plant another garden bed.  Rosie was the one who started it this time.  She would play with the neighbor kids who were home from school with severe stomach pain/vomiting, even though she was expressly forbidden to, and now we are all suffering for it.

So we're trying today for rest, sleep and quantities of ginger tea, and we'll see how much the first two actually happen.

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