Friday, November 14, 2014

Mirin's Hat

I was sorry yesterday that I couldn't post a weekly garden update as usual.  The truth is, I haven't seen the garden in almost a week and I have no idea what it looks like, although Ethan assures me he has been remembering to water it and that it is mostly still alive.  I've been slowly recovering from what turned out to be a very intense illness.

Yesterday I was finally up and about and thought maybe I would be able to go to the farm again, but cooking/house chores/homeschooling the children sapped all my energy and I ended up staying home again to rest while everyone else made the trek out for the farm chores.  The big kids played with Clothilde, who apparently spent most of the time rolling in Mirin's pit and becoming as dirty as possible.  She looked like a Victorian chimney sweep child when she got home.  Mirin forgot his hat out there, too, but luckily Ethan found it when he went out to do the chores early this morning.  It was in the most unusual places:

Maybe after all that, he won't forget it next time.  Have a great weekend!

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