Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Yarn along: Christmas Knits

 So these are the Christmas knits revealed!  A Seashore cowl for my mother-in-law, Griselda.  Two Phoebe sweaters and Phoebe dolls for the girls.  I actually forgot to wrap Mirin's cable vest - I still need to dig it out of my cedar chest.  What can I say....Santa had a lot on his mind this year.  He slacked off a little

I just wound up the other skein of Madelintosh "Big Sur," and I'm considering knitting another Seashore Cowl for a friend of mine who is moving away.  She's heading to Maine, so I thought something wooly and warm would be a nice goodbye present.

And then....I'm realizing I only have two sweaters, and the buttonhole on my favorite one wore out this year!  I've been freezing all November and December.  My kids have so many beautiful woolens now - and it's like pulling teeth to get them to even put them on.  It was so easy to knit for them, because they always look so cute in everything.  But I believe it's high time to make myself a nice sweater - maybe even a new cardigan for the new year.


  1. What beautiful gifts! They look so pleased :)

  2. They girls look adorable. You need to make yourself a sweater!! It's so fun to have one for you!!

  3. The girls look adorable Little Red Riding Hood. The green cowl is lovely too

  4. Those Phoebe sweaters in are just the sweetest thing, especially in that red!