Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Arms Full

I don't know why anyone worries about Friday the 13th.  To date, nothing awful has ever happened to me on Friday the 13th.  Monday the 13th, I think, ought to be the worst.  With Friday, you at least have the weekend to lick your wounds, but on Monday you have the whole week to suffer through.

Yesterday was a crazy day.  On Saturday we weaned the calves.  I tried to milk Chestnut on Sunday, was brutally kicked in the leg (thank goodness not my face - we had a T-post in the way), and got a massive bruise.  We decided we will not milk her after all....and if we need to reduce the herd, well, we know which cow is first to go!  Geranium gave us a lot of milk.  Matilda had no milk, because her calf had slipped out and gotten in with her.

Yesterday several things happened that make me superstitious.  Ethan found he may be travelling for work at a very stressful time (weaning calves, milking mamas who are not used to it), the toilet overflowed in a major way, and Matilda's calf escaped the hard fence with electric top wire, and she again had no milk. 

Ahhh....this week will be an adventure!

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