Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Yarn Along: Another Shalom Cardigan

I have set aside my Scandinavian-style colorwork sweater (yet again) after realizing there are only three (THREE!!) more weeks until we leave for France.  I am still drudging away imperceptibly along the bottom edge, the sleeves are invisible, and the tiny yarn was becoming frustrating.  I needed a project I could crank out in a week or so, since I don't have any sweaters since the buttonhole on my last Shalom sweater tragically broke (the way so many strands of yarn tore, it really needs re-knitted).

Ah, the rewards of knitting with wonderful, chunky yarn.  Such a relief from the tiny, fingering-weight stuff!  I even had a beautiful skein of Cascade Eco-plus in Lichen, which I had mistakenly bought for Mirin's cabled vest (I had guessed the wrong green).  At this point, I've finished it, and was debating on whether or not to add sleeves.  My last sweater had short sleeves, which always left my arms cold, unless it wasn't cold enough to wear it, but long sleeves will require buying another skein, probably in a different dye lot....

I checked the weather in Nice to decide.  66F,  not too bad, but will seem cold after all the 86 degree days we've had here.  Then I checked some of the other places we're going - Crest 44 F, Premanon 33 F, St. Croix-aux-mines 38 F....okay, definitely sleeves!  More knitting, which isn't a bad thing usually, but the deadline is making me anxious.


  1. How exciting! I think the weather in France will be delightful in mid-May. Enjoy!

  2. I think it will be lovely in France around that time. Good luck with your sweater-arms! :)

  3. how exciting... FRANCE! the sweater looks good, nice colorway.

  4. Chunky yarn = near instant gratification! Can't beat it sometimes! Enjoy France!