Thursday, June 25, 2015

Rain/No Rain

Clothilde is trying to make her getaway with a pile of cantaloupes from the garden.

It's funny how Ethan and I are so different in some ways, especially with the sort of people we are friends with.  Ethan's friends from before we were married are all plodding,painfully boring types.  My friends from before we were married all tend to be the drunk/depressed/suicidal/actually insane types.  Between the two of us we manage to strike the middle road and have mutual friends who are eccentric, but stable.

(I am only thinking of this because a friend from high school called me the other day, and I also ran into some of Ethan's friends).

It's funny how you change so much as you grow up - so often when I talk to a friend I have not seen from high school for years I realize just how much we've grown in different ways.  Like my first boyfriend, Ian.....I tried calling him a few years ago because I had had a vivid dream about him and I was curious to know how life had treated him.  I realized, in the middle of our conversation, the obvious reason that we had not stayed in touch - he's incredibly boring!  Still, I had to torture myself with one more conversation about his jeep before I realized that.

This is not always true, of course....there are people I have known for years who I run into again, and immediately there's a spark of friendship and sense of kindred spirit.

Yesterday there was a huge downpour in town, but not a drop fell just 15 miles away at the farm.  The streets were flooding just a few miles away.  My in-town neighbor had problems with his plumbing afterwards, and the poor pastures at the farm are still dry and crispy.  Summer rainstorms are like that.  At least my children were not photographed and printed in the local paper riding their bikes through the sewer water this time (they were about a month ago, when an even worse flood was in the neighborhood).

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