Monday, June 29, 2015


We tried going shopping the other day and got side-tracked before we were out of the neighborhood by a junk pile in front of our neighbor's house.  Mirin got excited about a tool chest and an old grill/smoker.  My mom was thrilled with a collection of lawn chairs (hers are all breaking).  Rose and Clothilde made sure we nabbed a plastic slide.  We phoned Ethan from work to come with the truck and help us get it all back.

We were just loading up the grill when our neighbors returned.  They are unfortunately being forced to move.  The house they were renting was sold, and they have to move to a larger city two hours away.  They also dug out a beautiful pink tricycle from their daughter to pass on to Clothilde.  Their daughter has outgrown it, and just got a new bike for her birthday.

We are sad they are moving.  When I grew up in the neighborhood there were hardly any children living there.  One family with two younger boys I didn't like was it.  The other houses on the street were drunk bro-rentals and grouchy old people who gradually died off and sold their houses to more hard-partying students.

A few years ago, a lot of young families moved in.  We suddenly had lots of neighbor friends, and it's been so nice that my children can go over and ask their friends to play just like I did when I was a kid, instead of having a parental play-date arrangement.

They are gradually moving out one by one this year.  The other family we see often has plans of moving out at the end of the summer, unfortunately.  It feels a little like being left behind

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