Monday, June 13, 2016

Hard Work And Expectations

This weekend was filled with hard work as we harvested a pig for the first pig class this year.  Everything went very well, and we invited extra friends out, so it was like a party.  The tadpoles were very popular with all the children.  Clothilde walked around the edge of the trough so much that it made a vortex in the middle and sucked all the tadpoles into it, and for quite awhile after she got out they were swimming unhappily in a big spiral in the center.  The next day we made five kinds of sausage, brined ham, pâté, scrapple, headcheese, black sausage and pork cuts.

All weekend we were expecting April to give birth, but the days passed by with her only looking more and more extremely pregnant.  I had relied on Ethan to do the math for calculating the due date (a doe carries her kids 150 days, just about exactly), and I didn't write down when they were bred.  He had it down as June 10th.  This morning I looked back at the blog, counted it out, and discovered there are at least two weeks to go before kidding.  Disappointing, but then there's the possibility of July 1st kids, which would continue the strange pattern of birth times we have going on -

May was born on May 1st, her doeling June Bug was born on June 1st, June Bug's kid, April was born on April 1st (we called her twin Neroneus - a joke if you know the history), and now there's a possibility for a little Julia or Julius.

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