Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Some tears were shed this week as we harvested the onions to make space for the Dudley farm corn, which will hopefully be planted this weekend.  These onions are strong, and I unthinkingly rubbed one of my eyes after pulling several armfuls.

We got a lot of each kind - red, white and yellow, and they are drying under the barn.  We've never had onions get to this stage yet - usually we eat them all or last year they rotted because I planted them between other things, and it was a choice between watering the onions and having them rot, or letting the rest of the spring vegetables wither up and die.  Ah...the lessons from gardening!

Last fall we were very ambitious with the onions, because homegrown onions are just so good!  I put them up in their own spot that hasn't been irrigated at all, and we've lost very few.  I don't know how long they will keep, but if they keep well, this will be onions for quite awhile.

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