Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Yarn Along

Still working on the Phoebe's sweater for Clothilde.  It is turning out to be so cute!  I tried it on her already and I really like the look of it even without the sleeves and hood.  I am thinking of knitting a couple that way as a long winter vest of sorts, one that she can play outside in without fear of getting the sleeves dirty.  I am just in the process of cleaning all the wool and putting it away, and even copious amounts of gall soap did not completely restore her white wool undershirt sleeves to their previous not-grey color.  She is definitely a girl who needs machine-washable sleeves (perhaps even with a touch of bleach).

When I was taking the picture, Clothilde took the chance to try out knitting herself - I am always amazed at what she absorbs just from watching us:

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