Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Yarn Along

It had been a few days since I finished both the little doll sweaters, and I was waiting for new yarn in the mail, so I was parted from my knitting for a few days.  I feel so idle if I can't knit in the car on the way to do the chores.  And it's so nice to curl up on the couch with some yarn and needles in the afternoon.  I feel like my hands "itch" if I don't have anything to work on for those times.  I suppose this means I am a knitting addict.

I was very happy to get the yarn for the first mouse dolly in the mail yesterday.  I am just now casting on.  This is the first non-garment thing I will be knitting, so it seems exciting and a little challenging with the teeny tiny needles.


  1. oooo, I know that itch=y feeling!!!! so glad your hands are happily busy again.

  2. Yes, that feeling to do something with my hands...although in the summer that itch is gardening...but I have to keep up on my knitting otherwise Christmas presents won't be finished on time :-) Would love to know what book you are using for knit toys, I have a hard time finding patterns and would love to look through it!

    1. It's the Phoebe's Sweater book by Joanna Johnson. It's a little story with knitting patterns at the end that are part of the story - a sweater and a little mouse doll with a dress and a sweater. The story is about a little girl mouse whose mother is expecting a baby. I had really wanted to knit this for my daughter when I was expecting baby # 3, but didn't happen! I was too busy making diaper covers! So now I am knitting sweaters for both my girls as well as two matching mouse dolls. It's a really fun project for fall/winter birthday and Christmas gifts.