Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Berry Season

 The blueberries and blackberries are in full swing.  It's a good year and the bushes are loaded.  We are busy picking for eating fresh, and also for the freezer.  The chores have slowed WAY down as everyone can't help but stop for the luscious, ripe berry near the path.

 That was Clothilde eating an "Akba," iguana-style.  The big kids in particular have been over-indulging.  It's the season when we get to eat as many fresh berries as we possibly can - even to the point of stomach distress.  Soon they are gone and over for the whole year, other than what we can stash in the freezer.  I don't do jam, because I don't like all the sugar, and we just don't eat jam very often.  But I do have some other things in mind -  like fermented blackberry soda, fresh berry smoothies, ice cream?  Bavarian cream? Pie....cobbler, trifle, grain-free pancakes.

Berry stains all around!

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