Friday, June 13, 2014

No Charge

Unfortunately, we are having to buy a new fence charger.  The old one has been failing us and Ethan finally realized it was the problem after he bush hogged practically the whole forty acres trying to keep the resistance down on the fence lines, fiddled with the solar panels and batteries, and called the customer support to chat with a technician.  So all the most badly behaved animals are locked into hard fencing for the time being.  That means the goats, by the way.  (Not that it really matters for the babies.  They are out all the time because they can still slip through the fence, although it is getting to be more of a tight squeeze).

Explorer, Flora and Sampson are also in, due to bad fence behavior.  I hate having them on hay when the grass is so green, but it is their own darn fault.  We can't have the cows returned by the sheriff again, like last year.

Ethan is really looking forward to getting the new charger, mostly so he can watch the goats try to get out and get a good, unexpected zap. 

1 comment:

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