Sunday, June 22, 2014

Consolidated Pigs

We consolidated the pigs, so Mama Bee and Trespassers William are in with Star and the piglets.  The piglets were always slipping over and hovering around Mama Bee all the time, anyway.  She is very tolerant of them.  Shockingly so, I might add.  She does not have that look to her.

One of the piglets got "lost" a few days ago.  Star was running along the fence as we were leaving, with only four piglets trailing behind her.  We stopped and looked, and counted again, just to be sure.  Only four, so we went looking and found the fifth one following Mama Bee around, thinking she was his mother.  It was little "One Spot," the last piglet.  He couldn't see around his floppy little ears which big mama pig he was following around.

We took this picture as we were leaving one evening.  The piglets were piling up for the night.  They stack themselves up, and when it's chilly, they fight to be on the bottom.  Not these summery days, of course.  We saw that with last year's piglets, born in February.

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