Friday, February 27, 2015

Milking Matilda

Matilda's milk supply has been extremely variable lately.  Sometimes there's only a quart, sometimes three quarts, sometimes more than a gallon, and we have to quickly drink the extra if we haven't brought enough jars.  I didn't used to like the warm milk, but I do now.  Something about chilling the milk changes it forever.

I think this has to do with how soon the calf has nursed before milking time.  She has also had a touch of mastitis last week, which is never usually a problem with her.  I gave her iodine, which seemed to help, but I think it is because she won't let down enough of her milk, but saves it back for her baby.  The calf, who we have named Sappho, is growing, but she can't drink ALL that, Matilda!

The big news is that Isla wasn't in heat last week at all - and there are two possibilities:   1) She is still infertile, and that was only a freakish occurrence
2) She is pregnant - bred for November.  Of course we hope for the second one. 

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