Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Yarn along: Scandinavian-style Colorwork Sweater


The modified tunic/sweater with Scandinavian-style color patterns is coming along (my, that doesn't sound very nice, does it?  I'll have to think of a different name for this - Still Light Sweater or something....)

I finished the yoke and am working on the body now.  I'm knitting plain grey until the bottom, so all I have to worry about are the occasional increases, since I'm skipping the pockets and pleats this time.  Everyone is very happy about this, because now I can read and knit.

We are still working our way through Ben Hewitt's book Homegrown.  It's about unschooling and their life style.  I've already read the whole thing, of course, but now I am reading it aloud so Ethan can enjoy it, too.  It's not as practical as The Teenage Liberation Handbook, but it is still very inspiring and funny to read.  Mirin is really enjoying hearing about other boys who carve bows and build forts and generally run around in the woods and help look after goats.  It makes us feel not so weird, which is a good thing.  And it has inspired deeper thinking about how we home school as well.

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  1. That sweater looks gorgeous! Can't wait to see it finished - I adore the muted colours. I picked that book up from the library this week after so many recommendations on Yarn Along.