Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Piglet Kiss


 The piglets seem twice the size they were last week.  They grow so fast!  They are still cute as can be.  It's the way their little ears flap when they run.  If they sense any sort of danger, they scatter, running incredibly fast, and hide.

One evening as we were just about to shut the gate and head home, we heard a terrible squealing.  It sounded like one of the piglets was being squashed or eaten by a coyote.  Ethan ran over to see what the matter was.

The matter was that mama Star was trying to eat, and the piglets wanted to nurse.  The way her belly curves, some of her nipples hang down far enough, but most of them don't, so half the piglets were nursing, and the unlucky half who couldn't were squealing their heads off.

During the recent cold spell, we gave Star extra hay.  It was in the twenties when Ethan went out that morning.  All the piglets were okay, and the big piglets (Star's litter from last year) were all snuggled up with Bee in a hole they made, keeping warm together.

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